Welcome to WSNH Fundraising!

Let us help you meet your fundraising goals with a jewelry sale on the web.  It couldn't be easier.  Your friends and family shop for beautiful jewelry from the comfort of their own homes and your group earns up to 40% of net sales.

                  No upfront expenses....  No minimum purchase....   You can't lose money!

You never take orders, sell merchandise, collect money, or distribute merchandise.

     ---If you choose an e-fundraiser, the sale is handled completely online through our website.  We ship the jewelry directly to the customer for one shipping charge no matter how much they buy.  

     ---If we host a sale at your location, we bring the jewelry to the sale and your patrons take their purchases with them at the time of the fundraiser. 

For details on how we can help you meet your fundraising goals, please click on "How the Fundraiser Works."